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People's General Hints And Strategies

The key is combined arms. The players of FIVE STARS series game and PANZER GENERAL 2 will need some time to understand the new tricks of modern warfare. Lots of new units must be put together for building an invincible army. AND, for the first time, the player is the real general because now you must build the right army! Yes, in most PBEM and single scenarios you start with few units and a lot of prestige... the victory lies in your own hands because you must build an army which will gain ground and air supremacy for reaching the victory. So, in these conditions, it's hard to do a step by step winning strategy... but some general hint and strategies - yes.                

GROUND STRATEGIES - Your main weapons remain the armour units. The overrun option is the key word... always try to break enemy lines by a heavy tank offensive, opponent arty fire is quite ineffective so, with little damage you can do a quite fair and clear job. Pay attention at ATG's and some INF units - they can hurt your boys badly! Most tank units can be bought with additional support - antitank, airdefense and helicopter are the best choices. But, only the tanks cannot bring the victory. Leaving armour unit without support means a death signature for them... always back up with AD and Arty units. The long range of both types help a lot but pay attention because an Arty unit can shot in defensive way only one time per turn... having multiple arty units in back-up is a solution if you have enough money for that... The same thing is applicable to Air Defense units. In People's General air war is crucial and air units can do the heaviest damage reported to all " general " games. If in Panzer General 1& 2 it was possible to win without having such units, here they are more than useful! Better said, your life depends on them... having 5-6 AD units is recommended in scenarios where air superiority belongs to enemy; adding some infantry units with Air Defense role is more than useful. ATG's now are clearly defensive units... it's not longer possible to plan an assault based on heavy ATG's, but building a strong defence is quite possible - better said - recommended if you are in defence. Recon units have same capabilities as in Panzer 2 and their role is unchanged... having some of them is recommended.
Infantry units remain the main core of your army. Lot's of them are at your disposal and the choice is completely yours for choosing... my favourite are the ones with AD capabilities.

AIR STRATEGIES - You can buy only helicopter units! Quite a lot in my opinion, and this is due to their non-prohibitive cost. Adding reason and combat support capabilities is necessary. Your units can do a lot of damage and weaken enemy lines only if there is no AD cover because the copters are extremely vulnerable; same thing against enemy fighters... And here lies the real beauty of the game - the management of air combat missions. My favourite are " Wild Weasel" and "Air Strike " because you can open in this way the path for helicopters by annihilating enemy AD cover or clearing the sky of opponent's copters. In campaign mode you can buy air supremacy points - extremely recommended in my opinion if you run for brilliant victories. 

-Wild Weasel (5 points) Used to attack enemy Air Defenses.
-Recon (2 points) Used to gain recon in a specific location.
-Air Strike (10 points) Used to attack ground or helicopter units.
If used to attack helicopter units, enemy ADA won't engage.
-Defensive Air Support  (6 points) Positioned over friendly units greatly increases their capabilities during your enemies turn. Defensive air support lasts as long as ammo last for the air unit (note: all air units have 4 ammo). Can also be used to chase enemy helicopters away.
-Airlift   (4 points) Lets you airlift units from one friendly airfield to another friendly airfield as long as no known enemy ADA screen or umbrella one of your airfields.
-Air-mobile   (4 points) Allows units to move via helicopters as long as enemy ADA doesn't keep them grounded.

Trigger Hexes
Certain city hexes in a scenario will give a special award to the player who takes them. Trigger hexes can give you more prestige, more air mission points, more experience for the unit taking the city, or award a leader to the unit that takes the city. Because experience and leaders are only given to the unit that actually activates the trigger hex, it’s a good idea to take cities with units that don't already have leaders assigned to them.

Prototype Units:
Prototype Units are sometimes awarded in between scenario and as a result of activating a trigger hex (see below). Prototype units don't ever count against your troop cap (the maximum amount of troops you may have in any given scenario) and will never gain levels of experience like other troops.

Recon +1 to spotting range, -1 to unit profile.
Combat Engineer +2 to close attack and defense value. Also entrenches faster than normal.
Air Defense  +2 to helicopter, air attack and to air defense.
Bridging  Gives unit ability to cross river hexes as rough terrain. Also, allows unit to attack after entering a river hex.
Helicopter  +1 to spotting, +2 to hard attack value.
Anti-tank  +4 hard attack.
Combat Support +3 to Ammo and reinforcements aren't reduced during play and are replaced to maximum over strength value.
Forward Observer Gives artillery and defensive air support a +4 when attacking and supporting against enemies adjacent to this unit.
Special Munitions For Artillery only. +2 to soft and hard attack.

Class Leader Abilities:

Aggressive Manoeuvre: Tank unit class ability. Gives +1 to movement range.
Enhanced Radar: Air Defense class ability. Gives +1 to weapon range.
Force Recon:  Recon unit class ability. Gives +1 to spotting range.
Multiple Fire Support: Artillery unit class ability. Unit may continue to support and counter-battery as long as it has ammo to do so.
Stealth Pilot:  Helicopter unit class ability. Movement range not reduced due to low air superiority levels.
Tank Killer:  Anti-tank unit class ability. Number of shots is not halved when unit fires beyond range 1.
Terrain Expert: Recon unit class ability. Gives +4 to Close attack and defense values.


Random Abilities:
Aggressive Attack: Available to all.  Gives +2 to attack and defense when initiating attack.
Aggressive Manoeuvre: Available to all. +1 movement (cumulative with tank class leader bonus)
All Weather Combat: Only for helicopters.  Number of shots is not halved in storm turns.
Ambusher:  Only infantry.  If unit attacks in a close assault, then enemy gets no artillery support fire.
Blitzer:  Not for tanks, ADA, or Arty.  Grants the tank class overrun ability.
Bridging:  Not for helicopters.  Treat river and streams as rough terrain for movement.
Camouflage Expert: Available to all units.  -2 profile.
Defender:  Helicopters only.  If unit is adjacent to both attacker and defender, then unit can provide support fire (like artillery).
Determined Defense: Available to all.  Get +2 to attack and defense when defending.
Devastating Fire: Available to all.  May shoot twice per turn.
Ferocious Defender: For infantry, anti-tank, and ADA.  Always gets  entrenchment bonus no matter what specials and leaders the enemy has.
Fire Discipline: Available to all.  Use shot each time in combat.
First Strike:  Not available to ADA or Arty.  Attacks before enemy unless enemy has same leader.  Support fire, etc. still fires first.
Ground Taker:  Not available to air, ADA, and Arty.  Does 50% more suppression (which helps cause retreat).
Infiltrator:  Not for ADA, light infantry, or Arty.  Ignores ZOC’s.
Influence:  Not available in scenario play. Available to all units.  Units can overstrength for free.
Liberator:  (Not for helicopters) x2 prestige for capturing towns.
Marksman:  Helicopters only.  Gives +4 to attack value when attacking.
Motivator:  Available to all.  Adds unit's experience level to all adjacent units. If unit is a ground unit, it supports ground units only. If unit is air unit, it supports air units only.
Overwatch:  Tanks only. Shoots at enemy units entering its Zone of Control.
Overwhelming Attack: Not available to helicopters or ADA.  Unit has slightly better chance of causing kills.
Rangers:  Only available to infantry.  Forest, Rough, Hill, Mountain, and Jungle are treated as clear terrain for movement.
Recon Movement: Not available to recon or helicopters.  Gives unit the recon class segmented movement power.
Resilience:  Available to all.  Unit takes slightly less kills.
The Rock:  Not available to helicopters, ADA, or Arty. Unit will not retreat.
Sharpshooter:  Not for helicopters, ADA, Artillery, or anti tank units.  Shots are not halved at long range.
Shock Tactics:  Available to all.  Does long term suppression.  Suppression  lasts all turn.
Shoot and Scoot: Only for artillery.  Enemy does not get counter battery fire at this unit.
Sixth Sense:  Not available to ADA or Arty.  Unit can't be ambushed.
Skilled Recon:  Available to all units.  +1 spotting (cumulative with the recon class leader bonus)
Skirmisher:  Not for artillery or ADA units.  Before attack, the number of the opponents shots is reduced by two, but never put below 1.
Smart Gambler:  Available to all units. Combat losses for attacker will never be more than displayed and casualties listed will at least be what was displayed prior to combat (except for hidden supporting units like artillery)
Street Fighter: Not for helicopters, ADA, or Artillery. Ignores entrenchment and terrain bonus of target in town or port. Automatically follows up in city or port hex if enemy retreats out.
Tunnel Rats:  Only for infantry units. Ignores entrenchments and entrenches at a faster rate than normal.
Quartermaster:  Available to all units.  Always may take replacements up to base strength.