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Converting PG2 campaigns for PeG-WW2

This is a selection of internet hyperlinks about needed conversion tools and PeG forums
This user's guide has been drawn up by Robert Mary in order to allow people to convert PG2 campaigns to PeG-WW2 or to create campaigns from scratch within PeG-WW2. Is is based on information provided by various PeG fans debating on two main People's Generals forums. It can be downloaded here (under PDF format):
PG2 to PeG conversion guide v 8.0

Where to download Luis' PeG and PG2 Suites, Map and Dat tools.
Special thanks to Luis Guzman, conversion work from one platform to another would not have been possible without his scenario & campaign editors.

Where to download PG2 and PeG extra maps, corrected versions of old maps and most of PG2 campaigns.

Where to download PG2 Maps.

Forum where PeG and PG2 fans gather to discuss about the games.

Forum where PeG fans gather to discuss about the game.