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Installing the game: Maps
People's General
These files are including for each map map names (*.txt files) and graphical interface (*.S16 and *.map) files.
*.txt and *.map files must be installed in SCENARIO folder of PeG
*.S16 files must be installed in MAP folder of PeG.
Maps are used by the original PeG game, PeG-WW2, PeG-WW1, PeG-Napoleonic and PeG-ACW.
Use Winzip to download maps.
Steve Brown Updated list of *.map files and mapnames from Steve Brown's Map page
Map files
Map files
Map names
Map names

Gilestiel's website where PG2 Maps can be downloaded in *.s16 format

Devore's PeG Red Danger website where PeG maps can be downloaded
  Maps - Installation instructions
PeG These instructions assume you have basic knowledge of copying, moving and unzipping file in Windows 95/98/XP. User-made additions to PeG-WW2 are not easy as the PeG-WW2 installer software, but are not difficult if you read the installation instructions and use a certain amount of common sense (new maps, e-files and other material have installation instructions included with the user-made campaigns downloads or are on this website). It is important to remember that while I am happy to help with any problems, all the information you need is available, you only need to take time to find and read it.
Installing the maps: procedure

1. Pre-requisite

You must understand that maps need two different types of files:

a. *.map file to be placed in the SCENARIO directory of PeG

b. *.S16 files to be placed in the MAPS directory.
*.S16 files are a result of a conversion of *.SHP files or can be directly downloaded (see list here above).
*.SHP files are available
at Steve Brown's Map page or at Gilestiel's Map page (select "Go to Map Finder for PG2" button).

2. Procedure

a. Open my *.XLS file (delivered with a campaign) to know which *.map files are needed.

b. Put my *.map files in the SCENARIO directory of PeG.

c. Based on the info provided in the XLS file download all *.SHP files for the selected maps
(for instance all *.SHP files of Austerlitz map must be downloaded at
Steve Brown's Map page).

d. There is a utility provided with the PeG-WW2 Installer programme v 5.0 in the MAP directory of PeG
(Luis Guzman's Map SHP to S16 converter), put all *.SHP you have downloaded there.

e. Run this utility in order to get the conversion of those files into *.S16 format, the converted files must be in the MAPS directory
of PeG. Former *.SHP files can be deleted, they are of no use any more (there's an option in the tool allowing their deletion after
the conversion process).

f. If you still have a problem with this utility and if you have also installed PG2, download Luis PeG Suite.

g. Put the PeG Suite in the main directory of PeG and make sure you define the directories of the game in the "game settings"
(as well as the location of PG2 maps in PG2 game).
Then there's an option to convert any *.SHP file found in a directory under *.S16 format. You must select "View/Browser".
On the right part of the screen you select the directory where *.SHP files are stored, then you click on "Convert from PG2" button.
That's it all PG2 maps under *.SHP fomat have been converted into *.S16 format for PeG, repeat the operation when you have
new maps and only new maps will be converted.

Major hyperlinks to PG2 websites hosting maps under *.SHP format and Luis Guzman PeG Tools
Luis Guzman

Where to download Luis' PeG and PG2 Suites, Map and Dat tools.
Steve Brown

Where to download PG2 and PeG extra maps, corrected versions of old maps and most of PG2 campaigns.

Where to download PG2 Maps.
Devore's FTP

Forum where PeG fans gather to discuss about the game, including link to the master repository PeG map database.